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To Airbrush or not to Airbrush...

One of the most asked questions we receive from a bride is about airbrush makeup. Is airbrush makeup superior to traditional makeup? Should I get airbrush makeup done on my wedding day? Let's explore the art of makeup together and answer these questions.

The technique of applying makeup using an airbrush stylus and compressor has been around for over 30 years, but has created more of a buzz in the recent. Airbrush Makeup is a thinner consistency than traditional makeup and has build-able coverage through layering of the product. It sits on top of the skin in tiny pixels creating a lightweight flawless finish.

Not all Airbrush Makeup is the same, nor are the artists who apply it. (more on this later) There are three main types of airbrush makeup; alcohol, water, and silicone based.

Alcohol based - Its WATERPROOF, dries very quickly, is not good for daily use or bridal makeup. It is used for body painting, special FX, and for covering tattoos and birthmarks.

Water based - Its TRANSFER RESISTANT, meaning it will not come off on the grooms black tux. It is a very lightweight formula that has a normally matte/semi-matte finish. It is great for everyday use and good for oily skin.

Silicone based - Its WATER RESISTANT, sweat-proof, with superior durability for even the most humid of days. It blurs with the skins texture making skin appear smooth and flawless. Great for normal to combination skin.

There are many pros to using airbrush foundation. It provides seamless build-able coverage and a flawless natural finish. Its Hygienic, noncomedogenic (wont clog pores), long-lasting, camera ready, has a lightweight feel, and it is transfer resistant to waterproof depending on the type of airbrush makeup used. Hydrated, moisturized skin LOVES airbrush makeup. If you have normal to combination skin, airbrush would be a beautiful match for you. Also, if you do not normally wear makeup, you will love the no-makeup feel that airbrush makeup provides.

Now there are times when you, with the help of your makeup artist, will decide that airbrush is not the best choice. Not all skin types love airbrush makeup, especially dry skin. It could appear flaky. A rich, moisturizing makeup would be more suitable for this skin type. A flipside to airbrush being so durable and long-lasting is that it is also very difficult to re-blend once the makeup is dry. It is much easier to reapply traditional makeup on a tear filled face than airbrush. Airbrush makeup is not good for skin that is sunburned, or has excess hair (peach fuzz). Fine mist picks up the look of fine hair and dry patches on the skin making the outcome not so desirable.

Now lets talk about traditional makeup. It comes in many forms; powder, pancake, cream, and liquid. It is most commonly applied using sponges, brushes, or fingertips. Traditional makeup has build-able coverage ranging from sheer to full coverage. It is long-lasting and there are unlimited choices when it comes to colors, formulations, and coverage. This makes it the most versatile of all makeup. One can achieve many looks ranging from beautiful glowing finish to an elegant matte finish. Though traditional makeup may fade slightly throughout the day, it is highly blend-able and can be fixed in seconds. There is a lot more freedom to make changes with this makeup style. People with skin issues such as very large pores or rosacea, oily skin, and aging skin would benefit from traditional makeup. Another benefit is that traditional makeup is normally less expensive then airbrush . Airbrush typically costs more due to the equipment used to apply the makeup and the makeup itself just costs more.

So, whats my opinion? One application type is not superior to another. Airbrush technically is supposed to be the best for photography, but a beautiful traditional makeup application can be just as stunning. Airbrush should also last longer, but the fact is, it just depends on your canvas (your skin). Traditional makeup is also formulated for all-day wear when paired with primer, setting powders, and setting sprays.

One size does not fit all. If your makeup artist is skilled, educated in their craft, techniques, and products they should be able to help you choose the best options to make you look your most beautiful.

I will leave you with these tips. Ask questions, look at your artists work, and don't settle. If you don't like something, speak up! Hey, we are only talking about your face here!!! Makeup is very personal, so make sure you and your makeup artist speak the same language. I would recommend a trial(s) for brides. Make sure at the trial and/or wedding day that you bring pictures of not only makeup that you love, but also makeup you do not particularly like. Here are some questions to consider. How much makeup do you normally wear? What makeup do you normally wear? What skin type do you have? Is it normal, oily, or combination? What skin concerns do you have? Do you have any skin allergies? For example, are you allergic to latex or silicone? Finally, great skin starts way before your wedding day. Remember to drink plenty of water, get some shut eye, laugh, and after your makeup is complete - BLOT, DON'T WIPE!!!

Hope this helps gorgeous!

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